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Heck I can't find it so I will post here. I read in these threads somewhere that the hero engine has a serious memory leak and it is unavoidable. Is that true? I know the leak exists, because I kept a task manager open today and every hour on the hour checked to see how much memory was being used. I went from 1.1g to 2.3g in the span of 3hrs of play. The poster was dead on with his post. I am amazed that this is the case. I literally now close the game and restart every 2hrs if I am going to be playing for a bit.

Would someone versed in programming explain, in a more detailed fashion, why this is and additionally why BW would use such a garbage engine if this was a known issue?

It is not that big a deal, now that I know, but I hope that this post can assist those out there are experiencing some lag or graphically slow issues. Give the restart a shot and/or monitor the leak like I did and tell me what you think.

I am interested if many have noticed this and are just working it out via a restart or if folks have other solutions to combat this glaring problem.


PS. TY sir for posting that tid bit, whoever you are. It has been most helpful :w_smile:

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