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Imperial Agent Operative


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So I really didn't think that the Imperial Agent would be all that fun. I loved (and still love) playing as a jedi consular shadow. Totally awesome. I noticed my buddy who is playing as a smuggler scoundrel BEASTS in PVP. I mean he practically half healths ppl in 2 hits sometimes 1. It's ridiculously awesome. So anyways I've pretty much tried every class on the light side cept smuggler. Since the Agent mirrors the smuggler figured that'd be a good Imp toon to make. So tonight we made IAs. we noticed right away on hutta that they were pretty frickin good. In about 2 to 3 hours we were lvl 10 and leaving hutta.. got to the Fleet and lvled to 11 due to all of the codex entries u get from tlking to the crew skill trainers and the lil quest u do for choosing ur AC...So we chose our ACs (Operatives) and decided to grab the PVP quests and give it a shot. We had EVERY expectation of getting pwned... certainly not the case though.. we played huttball... and well.. the other team was composed of mainly high 20's to mid 40s... Before I go on I must say that the IA is definitely one of my favorites.. The Consular Shadow and the Imp Agents are my fav classes.. so anyways when the smoke clears and the dust settles we look at the scoreboard in shock. Here's these 2 level 11's on a team comprised of mainly 30's fighting a team made up of 30's and 40's. My buddy and I were the 2 top players on our team. and not JUST based off of medals, but off of DPS as well.. we threw down about 125k damage EACH... The Imperial Agent Operative (if you know how to use it) is one of the BEST PVP classes you'll ever play as. I highly recommend players give it a shot.
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