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Optimiced Values due to diminishing returns


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I just hit level 50 not one week ago and am juggling with my stats. Due to diminishing returns I aim (no, not the stat ^^ ) for the best values for my money - so to speak.


My priority -- aside from the obvious -- for the secondary stats so far lies with Critical Rating and Surge. As a combat specced Sentinel I hit often and thus want to crit as often as possible too. But at which value is putting more points into these stats such a small benefit that it is nearly useless?


My second concern is Accuracy which should be at least 100 % to hit every time we attack. Every percent point above 100 goes against the target's defence. Up until which value does it make sence to reduce the target's defence percentwise?


With higher Alacrity I got the impression that some of my abilities are effectively channeled faster. Is that also right with GCD? Can we manipulate via Alacrity how fast we attack over all or just for some abilities?


What are your thoughts regarding Power?


Any different takes on the stats?


And as a side note: The ability Riposte states "does not repect the global cooldown". Admitadely I don't use Riposte very often if at all. My thought is if Riposte is on the same keybind as another ability does it fire if available if I hit that key? Which might count for every ability with said statement then.


Thanks for any help and input.

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