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Empire/Republic Quality Differences


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So - I'm one of those altaholics that can't stick to one class for a while - jumping around a lot.


That being said, I've played/playing every class there is minus the Bounty Hunter - only got to 15 with him.


There are overwhelming differences in quality in nearly all aspects between Empire and Republic.


I won't bother listing them all but here's a few:


On Republic there are far far far more bugged quest rewards, quests, class responses, story quality (cop outs and over all ******** in the form of a supposed story/ dichotomies).


Get your act together Bioware. It's honestly no clue why so little people play Republic. It's so crappy.

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I'd have to say I disagree from what I have played. While I do prefer my Bounty Hunter over my Republic char, I believe the story for my Smuggler is awesome as well. Those are the only two chars I have though so I can't speak for the other republic stories.


I'm not talking about one's subjective liking of a story, I'm talking about actual intellectual thought put behind it, as well as basic coherency. As in, non subjective things.


At one part in Coruscant, in the trooper story, right before you have to get "testify" to the council in Coruscant, General Garza tells you to basically lie - or at the very least, don't say a lot or just please them for the time being.


After you get back she chastises you for "playing it so safe".



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