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Opinions: Best PVP Heal class?


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I realize that different healers have different strengths and weaknesses in each of the 3 pvp areas.


But overall, what do you guys feel is the best pvp heal class?


Operative for heals over time and mobility?

Merc's for their high armor?

Sorcs for AOE? (at least i think sorc's aoe well, i'm not familiar with them)




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Depends on what you're looking for. I've played both merc and sorc healers.


Sorcs shines at AoE (Revivification in Voidstar) and at Huttball (pulling ball carrier and force speeding through fire). It also has the best ST burst healing (good to bring allies back from the brink of death).


Merc shines at taking damage, especially if you have someone guarding you. Immunity to interrupts and +20% self-healing bonus on Energy Shield is priceless when you're being focused. A well timed Supercharged Gas can also turn the tide of a battle.


As far as easiest to play, the sorc wins by a mile.


I will let someone else comment on operative as I'm not familiar with the class.

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sorc just because they are overpowered in huttball due to the pull mechanic and speed through fire.


Merc if you have a friend guarding you.


Operatives if you like to get away and live if you are about to die. You also have lots of cooldowns that kick butt.

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