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The Better Solution: Concealment 1.1.1


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I have made a couple of threads that explain my thoughts on 1.1.1 in great detail. I will not write it out here, however, as I'd much rather have your thoughts posted in those threads, since they are already so large.


I made 1 thread in the PvP forums, and then another in the Public Test Server forums which was then unexplainably and unnecessarily moved to the Suggestion Box forums. I'm looking into why this happened without notification or explanation, since it was not breaking the rules of the forum and was 100% on topic.


Both threads have generated roughly 15-18 pages worth of discussion. That's roughly 30-36 pages of feedback where people are either agreeing 100%, or being completely destroyed and shut down by common sense backed up with fact - by either myself or the people who agree with me.


More or less, the general feedback has been that anyone who has played the Class agrees 100%, and anyone who is mad they got owned by Scrapper/Concealment, disagrees 100%. However, not a single person has offered a singular sound rebuttle based on facts. They're just mad they got owned, which is, sorry to say, an irrelevant argument.


I think it is worth your time to read. I won't kid you - it's long. But 100% worthy of your time. If you enjoy this game, or enjoy game theory at all, or you think 1.1.1 is doing some really ridiculous and unnecessary crap to Scrapper/Concelament... you'll love it!


Here are the links:


PvP Thread:





Suggestion Box Thread:






Don't worry about reading them both - they say the same thing. All I ask is you spare 10-15 minutes of your time to ascertain the content.


Thank you!





If you liked what you read, don't forget to respond in that thread, or respond in this one to keep them on page 1 so people will see it.



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