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Idea for Ilium


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One word: Ettenmoors.


If you've played lotro you know how awesome the map (mind you not the actual class balances) is. 5 forts on a map roughly the same size as Dromund Kaas. 2 Untakeable bases of origin with 1 shotters surrounding them to prevent utter campage. The bases themselves are major fortifications with massive amounts of NPC's inside, 40-60 trash, most strong/elite, and a boss. Kill the boss and take a banner to re-claim the fort and spawn in a garrison of your own guys along with quest givers. Also scattered around the map are various hotspots for pvp with friendly, faction based, and outright hostile npcs scattered about in groups. Some of the hotspots (such as the infemous South Tol Ascarenen Bridge) can be taken and pose major strategic routes. Lotro has had this and only this as its entire pvp system for 4 years now. It was epic on day 1, and its still epic today.


I'de recommend that the devs to take a spin through the moors to get some inspiration, because Ilium right now is pathetic by comparrison. There are no real defendable positions, no friendly support, a very linear and relatively small map, lots of special effects but no real feel of battle. I would recommend replacing those wierd looking walker battles with infantry skirmishes between 2 camps in a ruin and the center battle with a major captureable ruin with friendly npc's and mannable or automatic turret defenses.


Since i've already written a massive wall of text, may as well add a few more points that would greatly help pvp. 1) Voice chat, lotro had it from day 1 and it allowed for almost constant open raids that were well organized and fun to be in. 2) Open raid pannel. Let someone make a raid, mark it as open, have it display on the social pannel and let people join. Great way of making come one come all pug groups.


I know its a lot of text, but i'de really appreciate it if one of you devs would at least give it a look over.

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