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A few thoughts on PVP


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So.. I am an -avid- pvper on Ebon Hawk. I absolutely love the pvp in Swtor...everything about it ..except 2 things. I feel a change to these two things would make alot of us feel even better about pvp.



1. I've noticed that in order to receive a high number of medals you -have- to be doing damage. Healers are getting absolutely screwed here. Point in case:


Healing medals I've seen - Healing medal- 2.5k single heal

Medic Medal - 75k healing done.



Damage Medals :

Soldier - 10 kills


Combat damage

Killing blows

25 kills


Etc, etc, etc


Neutral medals ( some only given from a specific war zone)




To be honest, I am a healer. I spend 90% of my time keeping my team mates alive and when I need too...keeping the enemy cc'ed or off prime target areas ( Turrets and doors) and at the end of a warzone, after doing anywhere from 100k to 230k ( my highest to date) healing..I get....3 medals? This makes me feel unappreciated. Let's face it, without healers, dps would often not survive.


Now..my suggestion: Create more medals for healers OR allow us to reap -some- of the same benefits that dps does. 10 enemies killed ( Make this an vicinity medal. 10 yards should be good. Same goes for 25 enemies killed)

Field medic medal - 150k healing done.

The Preserver - heal one player for 50k without that player dying.


I am sure you can think of some more.



Complaint 2.


One of the things that drives me ABO****ELY nuts : Being cc'ed too death. I don't mean One person manages to cc me and kill me. No.. I mean I get cced, I break it, a different player cc's, I survive, a DIFFERENT player cc's and I am dead....all in a matter of 5 seconds. The ability to keep a player crowd controlled without there being an diminishing returns is, in a word, ludricrious.


Suggestion: After being cced a small 5 second window of immunity would greatly balance the odds.



Just food for thought.



PS: Also Dirty kick and Flash grenade are often 'ignored' in pvp. I've seen this happen not only to myself but to numerous other smugglers in pvp. Bug? Glitch? I have no idea. Thought you should know.

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