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Huttball Award Credit


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My apologies if this has already been discussed. I looked for a thread about this but to no avail.


My frustration stems from the seemingly messed up award system of Huttball. I like Huttball, but it is frustrating to me that there is no medal assigned to scoring the ball. I find myself sometimes scoring the ball multiple times and my team winning only to finish the game with 1 or 2 medals. I feel as those who help their teams by positioning themselves to catch and score the ball are not getting a proper reward for carrying out their role as opposed to those who heal or do damage.


If not giving a reward/medal to a player for scoring the ball or assisting scoring the ball is an oversight by the developers I would like to bring it to their attention. However, if it is not an oversight I would also like to bring it to their attention, and I ask that they look at modifying the award system for Huttball, in order, to better reflect the team play found at the very nature of Huttball.


Any comments by the community or is this something that is not that big of a deal?

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