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A Start by Sibh"bae


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My husband talked me into writing and I really enjoyed coming up with a short story about my character. I haven't ever done anything like this, but I hope it's fun to read. Thanks dear for the encouragement!





She stood on trembling legs, the line of Twi’lek’s in front of her moving slowly to take their turn on the seller platform. Her stomach ached and her palms had started sweating horribly. Her mouth had gone dry and she was working hard trying to muster up some spit. She had the same flowery dress on, the same one she had originally been sold in. The family that had been fostering her had made the decision to sell her when it had been twelve month since, Sran, her brother had not shown up. Normally he came every month to give them money for taking care of her. They said they were sorry but it was just hard times and they had to think of their own kids. Really she understood, but she didn’t like it.


From behind her a gamorrean guard shoved her hard with his electrostaff, Sibh stumbled and hit her shin on the step immediately bringing tears to her eyes. Not wanting to get pushed again she hurried up the few vacant steps to the edge of the platform. She would be next, she quickly scrubbed the tears from her eyes and waited. Her bottom lip pulled between her teeth as her left lekku started to twitch of its own free will. She pulled it over her shoulder and tried to rub it hoping to calm herself. The Human man in the center of the stage turned to her and she felt as though she was going to be sick. “Well….well this is a treat, Just look at this precious little thing up for sell next.” His words burned in to her memory. He motioned her forward and she shuffled slowly out to the center next to him. Once there she looked out over the sea of people and felt that she was getting ready to be crushed by a wave.


“Okay folks, we have a very nice thirteen old Twi’lek. She’s a very nice shade of blue with a hint of lavender. Very nice indeed, lavender eye. Very clean markings on her lekkus. A bit small but very….very nice. We’ll start the bid out at five thousand credits.”

Sibh stood in horror as she watched the sea of people start yelling numbers up at the platform. She knew somewhere, someone out there held her fate in their hands, she just prayed it was a kind someone. The bidding went on and on, higher and higher, it was at one hundred and twenty five thousand credits, and down to three people. A human man in his mid to late twenties, a huge Twi’lek male, and a small older human female, finally the human male shouted “I’ll give two hundred and fifty thousand credits for her.”

The man next to Sibh gasped and asked if anyone wanted to top that, no one replied and he pronounced the man her new owner. In a whisper the auctioneer told Sibh she had been the highest selling slave sold today and she should be pleased to know that Zek, her new owner was a small time pirate, but very wealthy and moving up in the galaxy.

She was taken by the arm and moved off to the platforms opposite edge, then lead down other set off stairs. The guard holding her was hurting her arm and she let out a small whimper not meaning to. Just then the man named Zek walked up with two huge men, the guard pushed Sibh hard and she stumble into Zek’s arms. “Pay the cashier, and she’s yours.”


Anger flashed across Zek’s face and he drew his blaster quicker then Sibh had ever seen. He wrapped a protective hand around her and pulled her close to his side kind of behind him, his two friends stepped up and made a semi circle around the guard. Zek spoke in a deep icy tone, “I’m about to pay an absurd amount of credits for this little one and you just treat her as a scrap of nothing. I should finish you right here. I think if she is in any way at all harmed… I just might.”


Never taking his gun from the guard, Zek goes to one knee to look Sibh in the face, “What is your name little one?” his voice a completely different tone, gentle.

As best she can Sibh squeaks out, “Sihb’Bae, my name is Sibh’Bae, everyone calls me Sibh.”


Zek smiles and a small chuckle escapes him as he faces her looking into those vivid lavender eyes, “Well Sibh, see this guard behind me?” he motions to the now scared looking guard. She nods. “Well I want you to be very honest and tell me did he hurt you just now?”


Unknowingly she begins to rub at the spot where the guard had been holding her arm and she shook her head yes. Zek turned from her and stood slowly, again wrapping an arm around Sibh’s small body. “Well boys…..you know what to do.”


The guard starts speaking fast and trying to talk his way out of his predicament. Zek turns Sibh and starts ushering her towards a booth at the back of the plaza marked “Cashier”.

She hears a strange muffled popping noise and the guard starts to scream. She tries to look back but Zek won’t let her…..





Sibh sit up and looks out the viewport of her ship and starts cursing in her native language. She had been day dreaming and hadn’t realized she had come out of hyperspace, often on these long missions should would go back to that day, the day that her life changed forever. She slaps a few switches and announces into the com her ship number and cargo. She shakes her head as if the old memory can be shaken away, as she preps for docking.

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