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Vizla - Merc BH Stream!


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Hey guys I have decided to start streaming my Bounty Hunter game play. I am currently still leveling to 50 on this character but going to be putting all my time into this character and getting ready for the ranked PvP soon to come! I love to PvP and the main reason I am streaming is to show you what a skilled BH Healing Merc can do.


Streaming Schedule:


Sunday-Friday 12pm-12am *Times Subject To Change*


Previous Feats:


Multi-glad Restoration Shaman and Holy Priest in that other game.

2 Rank 1 seasons on my Restoration Shaman.

2700 Rated BG team before I quit.


Come hang out and chat with one another, listen to music, and help start a community! Lots of good things to come to my stream page as well as a dedicated website geared towards BH and Trooper!


Thanks all for the time and hope to see you in chat soon =]

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