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Gear Customization (Appearance)


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It seems one of the biggest issues players have is the lack of customizations for their gear. We can change the color of a light saber by changing the color crystal, but that's as far as in-game customizations for appearance goes.


There are also "custom" gear sets that are mod-able to allows to create a "look" for our characters, but most of them leave a bit to be desired.


My proposal is this: Allow all customizable gear to have a slot for color crystals with the following results:


  • Armor - Would set the color for the "accent" color of the item. Emblems, trim, etc.
  • Non-saber melee weapons - Would affect the weapon blade's "glow" or perhaps a visual streak when swung.
  • Rifles, pistols, etc - Would affect the color the discharge.

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