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Does Khem Val suck for mission skills for anyone else?


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I'm sure there are various factors, I'm at about 2500 or so affection with him. It's usually on yellow and orange missions, and the missions are usually much higher level than what is necessary for my level (crew skill 240+ at level twenty or so), but the failure rate is astonishingly high. I would say at least 50%. Even the robot, the only other companion I have at the time, has a higher success rate, and it has neither affection nor an efficiency bonus.


Some additional facts:


Usually with Treasure Hunting, though Archaeology missions fail as well

Doesn't matter if it's a learned mission or not

I am light side, about 2000 light or so

I have another inquisitor who seems to have a much lower failure rate, though still noticeable with Khem Val only.

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