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Ilum is so bad....


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I actually had a great time on Ilum today.


Went there with a 6 man group and cleared out 8 sith at central assault. The Sith then did what they always do and called for 4 more guys in order to beat us.


We manage to grab two more guys from local and went back and cleared the 12 man sith gang out of Central again.


It continued like this for 3 hours until the Imps gathered a 25 man gang together. We were vastly outnumbered but managed to scrape 18 guys together.


Our 18 moved into Central Assault and smashed those Imps into submission. However they were still confident in their greater numbers and continued to zerg into us . Over the next 10 minutes we beat them over and over again until we were outside the taxi respawn NW of Central.


One Empire guy even claimed he would "Report us for spawn camping" because we wouldnt let them down.


I would be too embarrassed to report 18 guys who were camping in a 25 man group


Needless to say, they all either took their taxis back to the shuttle or fast travelled back to fleet. It was the most fun I've had on Ilum by a long long way.

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Be so funny if the did complain about 18 camping 25 :)


I haven't had the chance to go there yet but its a tough subject regarding balance.


- each server will be different

- time of the day will be different


I am not sure we can blame a company if there are more people on one side than the other. Lag, bugs yes. But unless they restrict entry so the numbers are exactly the same, I am not sure how we can complain about it. Although I stopped playing WAR because I couldn't be bothered with fighting x3 number of people all the time.


Possibly a 3 way war would have been better.... But too late for that.

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