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Quickbar Setup?


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Hi folks.


Was wondering if anyone has some good quickbar setups.


I prefer to press keys rather than click and it seems all the more important for JKs since we have at least half a dozen active skills that are in our rotation.


I generally bind the most used skills on 1-4 and then alt+1-4.


At the moment I have Strike bound to 1 as I seem to be using it a lot. Should that not be the case?

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My set up probably wouldn't work for you if you don't have at least 12 buttons on your mouse.


I use 1-12, alt 1-12, shift 1-12 and Q, E, R.

Q = Guard

E = Saber Ward

R = Medpack

Currently, shift has 4 abilities (shift 1-4), my relics (shift - and =), my PvP packs (shift 8 and 9) and a slot for any quest items that I don't feel like opening my bags for every time I want to use it.


1-9 has my attacks, 7 has Saber Throw, 9 is Force Leap, 4 is Sweep.

alt 1-9 has secondary attacks that I want to have available, like my interrupt, Push, Stasis and Hilt Strike.



I just hit level 40, before then I was using 0, -, and = for Warden's Call, Enure and Resolute.

Having just gotten Guardian Slash, I'm considering moving those to the "shift bar", to open up a few more slots so I can use them for newer abilities. I'll have to think of something because I've still got a few more abilities to learn that I want to have readily available, like Guardian Leap.

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