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Sorc Hybrid Healing


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Hey guys, so after playing this game for a while, I figured is try and get peoples feelings on a hybrid healing spec. Currently, I'm a lvl 37 sorc speced into madness but during fp, I usually end up healing anyways. Any ideas from the lvl 50 guys out there if being a hybrid healer is possible, or have they pretty much made it so u can effectively split your spec? Here is a few examples...


Okay, so here is recommendation number 1:




Good things: 2 healing spells; resurgence, innervate

low cost static barrier

Standard 5 points into Lightning


Madness for no cooldown on force lightining

Bad things:

Not far enough into healing spec to get force bonus on innervate crits

5 "lost points" into the lightning tree



I was also considering moving all the points from madness and doing a lightning/ corruption spec, but after having played lighting, I liked Madness more. Seemed to do more DPS to me.


Second is the Lightning one:


Healer/ Lightning DPS



Let me know what you guys think. Intent is to be able to DPS or heal in both FPs and Operations. Yes I know you wont be great at either, but gives your raid some versatility.

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