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The small things i liked about warhammer online, that i think would work here.


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War hammer may have failed but it had a fair few inovating systems that i think would of worked very well in this game. Considering bioware has prity much eaten all of the mithic staff and left warhammer to rot. Id just wanted to point out what the war team did right.



Public quests (warhammers version of heroic quests)


Public Quests are area based quests that you trigger by crossing over into an area where a Public Quest is taking place. Unlike most quests, it's not initiated by speaking with a specific NPC or finding/ looting a random item that has a quest attached to it. As you move into this zone a message flashes onto your screen. The message informs you that a Public Quest is taking place and what you would need to do to be a part of this quest. These quests have huge goals that would be daunting for even an average group to accomplish in the time frame provided. This is where the word "Public" comes into play. The quests are geared for everyone of the same army in that zone to participate in. So, as an example you may have a quest to kill 500 or so Squigs in a 5-10min period of time. Impossible for a few people, but very possible for a multitude of people involved.


One of the best things about Public Quests is that you can walk in on one at any time during the quest and still get involved. So even if the quest has been going on for 30min, you can just show up and start doing whatever it is that you're needed to do. No having to wait for the quest cycle to start over. No planning your schedule around the starting time of the quest. You just walk in and *BAM*, you're involved in the quest from that point on.



tomb of knowledge


The Tome of Knowledge is presented as a virtual book which records your character's progression throughout WAR. Entries in the ToK are "unlocked" when your character experiences them which will unfold a history of your race & career. The information in the sections are different depending on which realm you choose, Order or Destruction, though the general layout is the same. You could unlock many things useing the tome


warhamme trophy system


Trophies are various pieces of decorative equipment obtained from achievements in the Tome of Knowledge, slain foes, quests or otherwise.


The trophies does not give any gameplay advantages but is only there for visual customization and bragging rights. The idea of trophies are like medals, if a enemy character has lots of awesome trophies, that character is probably going to destroy you quickly. The amount of trophy slots will increase with the characters level, a maximum of five trophies can be worn at one time, but all available trophies can be obtained and owned. The trophies' possible placements are more than the actual trophies that can be worn, the trophies can be moved around on the armour without switching slots in the equipment window.



Tactic slot system


Tactics in WAR are abilities that you can buy with the points that you gain for leveling. They provide small gains (typically +5%) in various skills or aspects of your character. You cannot change them when you're in combat. Choosing the current set of active Tactics allows you to specialize your character for an expected situation at hand, for example: Ironbreakers can use Ancestral Hatred which increases damage against Greenskins, while Black Orcs have access to I Hates Stunties which increases damage to Dwarfs.


Before entering into a battle, tactics are chosen and slotted into the Strategy bar according to what you feel will be most useful in the upcoming fight. This gives a little more ability to make your character how you want it to be, and also adds more strategy. It also allows you to have, say, one tactics-load out that is tweaked for performance in solo play, and another that you switch to when you group up to perform a certain task.

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