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Suggestion To Stop Bots : Planetary Quest Requirements


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Recently I discovered that white depleted crystals on Ilum and other nodes have been disabled do to low level bot farming. I know you want the worlds to be open and available for all to explore, and also for crafters to gather.


I do have this suggestion, just a suggestion open to all ideas.


I don't think you should set level requirements for the planets. If you do, the bots will just grind to that level and then continue to bot.


I do think you should make quest requirements for planetary access. (This may outrage non questers, however if non pvpers have to pvp for gear, the issue is null). It could be inorder to go to voss you have to do the planetary story on hoth etc... Easy fix quests in place already that most have completed.

Or you could add something challenging with lvl requirements, skill requirements optional, inorder to access the orbital stations and land. Not impossible or extremely hard, but something that would take more time and brain power to complete than the bots are willing to contribute. This could be done in a matter of succession, ie need to open up one planet to get to next to get to next to get to next etc.

Or it could even be the class story, however seems like these are already a must for people, personally i would like to see the planetary quests or something new.


Again just a suggestion. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.

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Whats the difference between this and a level requirement? If your argument is that bots will just grind to get to the appropriate level wouldn't a similar argument work for quests? They'd just grind the quests to get into the planet.


Sounds to me like a more complex solution with about the same effectiveness in stopping bots.


Best way to stop botters is to make it so they don't make a profit, ie. ban their accounts, confiscate any ingame items/profits made, ban ips, etc etc

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In any MMORG that has in game currency, there will always be those who will try to sell that currency for real world money.


In order to stockpile their currency they will use certain methods. One of those is botting to collect in game assets in bulk (currency, goods that can be sold for currency, etc).


Another method is to take over someone's account (compromised account) and strip their characters of all currency and valuables and mail it all to the seller's account.


Game developers and moderators (GM's) institute various methods to try to stop the "bad guys", and then the bad guys just come up with new methods, then the developers come up with new countermeasures, then the bad guys come up with newer methods, and so on. In a never ending "arms race".


There will always be botters and other "bad guys" in any MMORG. Has been since the invention of the MMORG.

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yes but there will still be bots,

The main issue is the need to disable nodes do to botting... doesnt seem like the best fix, was just throwing out options. if getting rid of accounts fixed the problem then the nodes wouldnt need disabling in the first place.

while it is great to be proactive and on the offense, a little defense is needed from time to time. they can sprout up faster than they can be detected and deleted.

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