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Major Problems with Operation Composition?


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OK, so we know the game is new, and its buggy and your still working on it. But here are some concerns with the current raiding system.



1. Tank percentages dont scale

2. Melee are disfavored

3. Healers are unbalanced

4. No dual specs





1. As to number 1, that has been pointed out here in anotther thread. Basically, you need 1 tank for the majority of fights. Thats a problem when you have 3 ACs that are primarly tank classes(with melee alternatives). Not to mention the need for two gear sets.


2. Again, pointed out elsewhere in more detail, but melee are getting the short end of the stick big time. It definately hurts when you have a small minority of the population capable of being the best DPS.


3. Right now, thats the case. The classes arent equal.


4. Compounds problems 1,2,3.



If we sum up here are the classes that are in bad shape from a raiding perspective, and those in good shape:





Operative - Mediocre Melee DPS(positioning), Weak Heals

Juggernaut - Tank with Weak Melee DPS

Assasin - Tank with Melee DPS

Powertech - Tank with Melee/Range Hybrid DPS


Sith Marauder - You need 1. Thats it.


Mercenary - Decent Heals, Decent DPS

Sniper - Good DPS

Sorcerer - DPS/Heals Awesome


I think alot of these problems are fixable/livable but it will take some redesign of the shared trees. For example:


- Give Operative and Powertech a ranged DPS tree. I mean Operatives and Powertechs both have guns.


- Give Juggernauts and Assasins better raid utility in their non-tanking tree.


- Equalize Merc/Sorc/Op Heals.


- Give ACs unique buffs instead of the primary class to promote further diversity.


Anyways, just something I observed that detracts a little from my enjoyment of the game in a larger group setting.

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