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Grav Round needs to be nerfed hard


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Seriously, that's all troopers spam. Go ahead troopers, defend your 3kdps spam skill.


I guess this is a pvp scream?

I dont pvp but i can explain why a commando (the only trooper that gets grav round) spams it or seems to.

Grav round is a commandos replacement for charged bolt. Via talents it also debufs the target armor rating and stacks to 5. Via other talents it grants charged barrel that increases the next high impact bolt this also stack up to 5. Via yet another talent grav round has a chance to grant curtain of fire which resets the cool down on full auto and increases full auto damage by 25%.

So the whole bases of a commando's rotation depends on spamming grav rounds.

Typically it goes some thing like this.

Grav roundX5, High impact bolt, demolition round, Work in full auto on curtain of fire procs.


Now as i have said i do not pvp here but from past experance in other games i can fully imagin that this rotation against a player would probably end before it ever got past the 5 grav rounds.


But the classes were not set up for pvp. They were set up for working rotation against high HP npc mobs. Where a commando is able to hold a nice sustained dps rotation which is highly needed against high HP mobs.

So while from your perspective commandos do nothing but spam one ability i can assure that is not the case in pve.


Right now we do not have any combat logs so we the players have to take BW word that dps classes are fairly balanced in pve. A nerf to grav rounds could very well hurt the commando class in pve encounters to the point that they are not viable to bring as dps.


Now if there is a pvp issue maybe look at making grav round effect player characters differently than it effects npc's.


But just a blanket call for a nerf to a the main ability of a entire class is unjust. Especially when we have no means to judge how said nerf would effect the viability of the class in pve.

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stop trying to 1 vs 1 them, or stop trying to finish the kill you were close to getting. they have no sprint, and only a 2 second CC, they also have to stand still to fire it.


my lvl 50 is a tankasin and troopers/BH are easy kills for me.

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