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Companion Gear


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More moddable gear available to companions. I've only come across 2 imperial officer hats that are moddable (orange), and one is limited to imperial agents only, and the other is imperial agent or sith warrior only. I guess if you want to play a marauder in an imperial officer uniform you're all set (and why not, to each their own!) but if I want Ensign Temple in a full uniform....you know, like her picture in the codex entry....I can't.


I would suggest something like, "if you can equip it, so can your companions", but that really only helps those companions that can wear your armor type (light, medium, or heavy) and share primary stats. So that's no good. Or we could slap a label on the companions that match classes based on your faction, but that's confusing. Ensign Temple is a Gunslinger. She can't be an Imperial Agent and Gunslinger at the same time.


So how about just more orange gear options that have no class restrictions?

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