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[SPOILER] quick question @ Nadia questline


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Super quick question....


I have not yet gotten Nadia, I am working on the class quest line on Belsavis currently. I am at the point where I have to fight Commander Geland and his two droids with him, and it's wiping me pretty bad. (Then again, that's a 43 boss plus two 42 silvers, and I am only lvl 41 currently).


Anyways, my question is...how much more is there in this line after this boss fight before I actually get Nadia as a usable companion? If it is really close, I will probably ask a friend to help me with this one fight. But if there is a whole string of quests still to do, then I will probably drop the line for now until I can get another couple of levels under me.


So that's my quick question...do I have much more to go before getting Nadia or not?


Thanks in advance...

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