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In case you were wondering about Demo Round


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So I know that one question I had when I learned that multiple commandos could each stack 5 vortices from grav round on a single target was whether or not the damage boost to demo round would also stack. I.e. would we receive more bonus damage to demo round.


In short, the anecdotal evidence I have collected points to a definite yes.


Normally my demo rounds crit somewhere in the 3500 to 3600 range. With non-crits obviously being about half that. The other night I was doing the 4 man Heroics on Belsalvis and it ended up being a sage, a Combat Medic and two gunnery commandos and suddenly demo round was doing normal hits for at least 2k when there were 10 stacks of Grav Round on a guy and crits were doing 4400 to 4600. At first I thought it was a fluke but these were regular crits.


Now the only thing I can think of that would lead to that much extra damage is Demo Round getting 5% extra damage from each of the other guy's grav round vortices as well as my own.



If you already knew this, then cool, I didn't though, figured not everyone did, and hadn't seen it remarked on, though I'll admit I didn't exactly do an exhaustive search.


As for when this matters, I'll admit that outside of fluff stuff (like belsalvis dailies) this might have an application in larger man operations. Anyway, I was stoked to learn it and figured I'd share with the community at large.

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Thanks to 2/2 Deadly Cannon and Surge rating, your Demo Round crits should actually be much higher than 2x normal hit damage.


That said, it would be very strange and poor design to intentionally allow this to happen.


It would result in class stacking for ops that would be undesirable.


I daresay that if this is the case it would be bugged and not to count on it, but thanks for giving us something to look out for! :)

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Very cool thing to know.


A 16-person Ops group with 4ish Gunnery Commando's would do SERIOUS damage.. haha.


Definitely a bug. There is no way BioWare intended this to be a mechanic in the game, the damage scaling is too ridiculous of an advantage.


Enjoy it while it lasts I say, though how many Gunnery Commando's you have in each group may not make it that big of a deal...


Still, thanks for pointing this out...

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