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constant character deleting


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Dude lay off and go make a fuss about where stuff belongs some where else. No I am not clicking delete I will get knocked off a server and then when I pick a server then go to click my character it is not there.


Ok so as started above are you choosing the same server? . The statement in your OP is when you reach lvl 10 they delete. You said nothing about getting booted off and then selecting a server.. Is there a number beside the server your selecting? At the top is a column for the number of characters you have on that server. check that before you sign in to insure your on a server that has a character.



And sorry if my other post seems demeaning but after 14 years of tech support I ask basic questions first. And trust no one to tell me the truth. Cause after I had someone tell me 12 years ago that they were a PC expert and knew it all but didn't know what a enter key was I just cant.

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