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Top 10 reasons to play past 90 days


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First off, I want to thank BW for undergoing a huge challenge from a business perspective; I can understand the financial implications of taking a franchise and making it a success or failure. From a paying subscribers point of view I hope you find the information below valuable and constructive. I will also be posting this on additional community boards along with sending this to your respective competitors.


Top 10 reasons to continue playing SWTOR past 90 days:


#10 Pressing a direction after the cast bar is up while mounting your speeder does not boot you off (you also have to wait for the complete animation to mount, and then you can move), this also applies to many combat abilities ie Dirty Kick.


#9 Using “Instant” abilities are INSTANT…. (fyi this is not a lag/latency/pc issue), try using Leg Shot. Watching the animation is cool but not when it takes 1 second longer before/after the GCD. You ever play Super Mario Bros? p.s. This is NOT resolved on the PTR


#8 LOS (line of sighting) channeled abilities/a ranged attack prevents you from being hit around corners. Channeled abilities and dots do dmg at the first tick of landing, not halfway through.


#7 Darth Vader comes to you in a dream and tells you to “continue playing or else” and you wake in a cold sweat with finger prints around your neck and it wasn’t your spouse this time.


#6 A Combat Log is available for players that want to see dmg done to them and dmg/healing they do… seriously 200 large and you don’t have it?


#5 There is NEVER EVER a push to live a "stealth" change that is not on PTR notes: increasing the cost of pvp equipment below 50, making stealth classes unable to slice starting from stealth (PVP). In some countries I think you lose a hand for this.


#4 Open, honest, constant communication with your 1Million plus subscribers. This is the PR’s job and they should say when it’s messed up, when things will be fixed, and what the plans are 24/7. Stop wasting customer’s time and resources.


#3 Your wife/gf starts dressing like Princess Leia when you play SWTOR


#2 Implemented changes to the game, which are not requested by a single paying customer, cease to exist. Who requested another Flashpoint?


And the top reason to continue paying past 90 days….


#1 Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Dominus, or The Secret World is not released yet!


Be sure to add to the list, although I’m confident this will fall on deaf ears and another gaming company will get my sub. It’s 2012, at the bottom of a recession, money and time are precious. If a product doesn’t meet your standards stop buying it. Would you buy a car with 3 wheels, when you are promised one with 4, ahh who’m I kidding you don’t even have a license ;).


Kind Regards,



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#11: Merc commendations are useful and plentifully had in TOR's robust, energetic, frantic, exciting and easily found World PvP...ohwait


#12: There aren't silly things like unpassable deathfilled exhaustion areas, or unusable elevators cutting you off from enemy faction areas.


#13: The PVP gearing process in TOR is worthwhile and dynamic. PvP gear looks different and like work was actually put into them.


#14: The combat system is SO smooth and SO responsive!


#15: Because GW2 isn't out yet.

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