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Nerf Every Single Class


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All I seem to read on the PVP forums is people crying and asking for the developers to nerf classes which they see as overpowered, despite the fact that developers have tested and are OK with PVP/PVE dps metrics of each class pre-launch.


Obviously, these peoples' problems have nothing to do with a lack of player skill and everything to do with an imbalanced game.


My solution? Why don't we nerf all the classes so that every class has no DPS output for either PVP or PVE?


Smugglers/Operatives (DPS) have ridiculous burst damage but have no distance closer and also their out of stealth DPS is miserable.


Sorcs/Sages (DPS) have good CC but are easily outplayed by other classes with good positioning, LOS (they have a lot of channeled abilities), and interrupts.


Troopers/BH (Long Ranged DPS) have good sustained DPS but their lack of mobility is sometimes constricting. Because they have few instant abilities they can be outplayed melee/short ranged dps classes at short range.


Vanguards/Powertech have good damage mitigation and a freakish amount of sustained dps. Their inability to deal significant damage at long range and lack to a good distance closer can be limiting.


Melee Glowstick Twirlers (Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior)- Only 1 distance closer. Weak(ish) damage output. SOL.


Jedi Shadow/Sith Assasin- See above, but with good burst and also stealth.



Obviously since every single class (except JK and SW) are overpowered, every single class should be nerfed. Everyone should just be allowed to face-roll on their keyboards and still achieve victory; PVP should be an easy mode healfest and everyone should get 200 medals at the end of each warzone.



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I think you're deluded if you think class balance of any MMO is good at launch.


We'll be four years down the road from here and still struggling to get the classes balanced.


And to endlessly jump from OP class to OP class is exactly how MMO game devs keep you spending your months paying for the game. Creating class after class...

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The classes won't be completely even but I've played 2 classes (commando trooper dps and smuggler scoundrel healing) and PVP is more about skill than using an OP class... I mean, yes, you say Smuggler/Op burst dps is OP but they can't finish you off if they're getting interrupted by a teammate, etc.


It's about using your interrupts, cooldowns, and damage rotation situationally and being flexible. People need to quit crying and learn how to play their classes more effectively.

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I haven't had anyone out-dps or out-medal me as a guardian since level 40 but I feel I need a buff since the class is sooooo bad.


You mean when you got LOL aoe for what operative/scoundrels single target for out of stealth?


How the hell this is not getting nerfed is beyond me.


Highest burst in the game is an AOE.


Makes perfect sense lol.

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