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Player/Item Total Adjusted Work

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TL;DR: I came up with an equation for Player/Item Adjusted Work (Think WoWHero)


Okay, so, our guild has had a conundrum. Everyone who has played WoW knows about WoWHero, where someone figured out a simple equation that spits out a number, telling you what your "Player Total Adjusted Work" for your character is, so you could go to the correct instance.


Right now, all guilds are figuring it out differently. Some (like ours) are using Average Gear Rating. Some are just saying that you have to have X purple, Y blue, Z green to get into Raid J. All of the systems are flawed, because they aren't scientific, they are subjective. Before I get into equations, I wanted to figure out "this is what helps in PvE". So, I set out some rules:


1. Each class has a Primary Attribute (Aim, Willpower, Strength, or Cunning). Any stats in this primary attribute are the most.

- Classes also have a secondary attribute (where they affect 2, instead of 3), which means it has the capability of affecting the character 33% less.

- Classes have tertiary attributes (affect 1), where it is 66% less effective than the primary attributes.

- Some secondary and tertiary attributes affect stats that do not affect (positively) the user, which can drop the benefit down one tier, even 0%.

2. All classes benefit from Endurance and Armor, but Tanks benefit from these more than non-tanks.

3. In PvE, no classes benefit from Expertise or Presence.

4. Off-statistics (such as Crit, Alacrity, etc) are worth a lot less than Primary Attributes because they only affect it in a lesser capacity.

- Off-stats that aren't the primary stacked, but are not the secondary stacked (50% or more of the Primary Stacked) affect less than primary stacked.

- Off-stats that are not secondary stacked give even less.

5. Finally each stat has a soft cap (and possibly a hard cap), which needs to be figured into the equation.


Without figuring in Soft Cap and Diminishing Returns:











From this, I can get "Item Adjusted Work". "Player Adjusted Work" is just Sum of Item Adjusted Work. This gives a singular number that says "Your gear is pulling X work." Which means, all things considered that if you have PAW X to Y, instance J is probably the best instance for you.


The end result is that I figured out a "baseline". This isn't a complete project, yet. First of all, I still need to calculate diminishing returns, soft caps and hard caps into the equation. Secondly, I need to make sure that getting X Primary Attributes is indeed 10* better than getting X TertiaryOffStatistics.


What do you think? Does my logic sound good, or am I missing the mark?

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