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I gave it a go...


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I unsub'd today. This game seems it was released without being completely finished. Many features that have come to be recognized as mandatory in a modern day MMO are missing. Such as; customizable UI; a functional Galactic Trade Network interface, a Flash Point group finder, parallel leveling paths (more than just one route to 50), too many loading screens, unnecessarily long travel routes, repetitive space missions (same four repeated and rehashed over and over), phasing of content missing (changes made to the political and philosophical landscapes are not permanent for the character who changed them)....all of which has been stated numerous times already.


I can look beyond the many bugs that still plague the game itself. I can't however turn a blind eye to missing modern AAA MMO features which should have been implemented from the launch of this game. I will come back when the game switches to free to play. Sadly, I expect that to be on the inside of 6 months. Good luck and may the Force be with you.


-----signed, A Sad Padawan

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Hello Rastrick,


Feedback is always important and we always appreciate constructive feedback, whether positive or negative. Allison has a great thread with information on what we are looking for in feedback.


We know that the community is always looking for developer input on issues and one of the best ways to keep up-to-date on developer posts is through the Developer Tracker. Some examples of what you can find on the developer tracker right now:



You may also be interested in our new blog feature where developers will give their thoughts on aspects of the game, clarification on issues and server related messages like patch notes or maintenance times.


We are going to go ahead and close the thread, but we did want to point out a couple of spiffy threads where you can give us your specific feedback on bugs and suggest features you would like to see in-game:


The Suggestion Compilation Thread

Ultimate Bug List


Both are great threads that are updated regularly so we highly encourage you to add in your feedback to one, or both of those threads.

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