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Communication between Players


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Anyone else noticed this Trend?

People pretty much stopped talking and grouping outside of Guilds, and in the last time i dont even see much of it anymore IN Guilds, not at all.

It seems to have started in WoW sometime after all the convenience Tools which made socializing less important, thats my Observation anyway, maybe im wrong and its older?

I noticed this the most in Rift, there were a few Discussions about WoW when it came out, then public channels were dead all the time, even /trade in the City.

Everyone is doing his/her own thing and ignores the Rest.

Have The Trolls won and everyone is scared of chatting in public?

Note that im even playing on RP/RP-PvP Servers, were it isnt THAT bad (yet) but if i compare it to the old Days in Vanilla WoW RP-PvP and NWN 1 Persistent World Servers, Communcation and Grouping is much less even there.

Yes i kid you not i seen more chat and grouping in NWN1 Servers with 30 People online then in new MMOs.

I´m starting alot of Groups and then it often works out, im not a Loner or shy or something, but i cant help and notice this more and more and it frankly ruins my enjoyment of MMOs abit.

Is it really only me seeing this?

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