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Quest Log Issue - Plz Fix!!


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I have enjoyed the story and content of the game thus far...great story...blah blah. HOWEVER....I should not HAVE to do certain quests if I don't want to. I am level 50 and have old gray quests that I can not abandon that are taking up room in my quest log. It's making completing my daily quests a real pain in the arse! Please...for the love of God...let me abandon/delete these quests. It is completely rediculous that I do not have the option to remove them from my quest log. I'm not even talking about "Class Quests" either! They are just random regular quests...not class quests.


This would be an extremely easy fix...yet...you guys are fixing crap that we dont even care about....case in point, the following:


"Bug Fixes

Kintan Behemoths no longer occasionally walk on top of trees when in combat. Updated 1/25"


Seriously? Fix the stuff that matters and that frustrate your player base beyond all belief FIRST!

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