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Bugged skills contributing to SORC/SAGE overpoweredness


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First of I don't really find sorcs/sages overpowered, but I'd like to call attention (again) to two talents in the sorc/sage arsenal that have been HORRIBLY broken since Beta and reported multiple times.


1) The bubble break- This fairly low lightning talent states that whenever your shield breaks, the targets are disoriented for 3 seconds.


The broken parts:


A) Right clicking off the buff procs the disorient (I'm fine with this as it's player skill and does put you at a decent disadvantage). Not sure if this is intended.


B) The cc break does not remove this disorient. The catch is that IT CONSUMES THE CC REMOVAL COOLDOWN ANYWAY.


2) The knockback root- Applied by a force attack, this move is completely unromavable by...well...anything barring the talented marauder stealth in my observation. Even the operative talent that causes evasion to remove any harmful removable effects doesn't work. Maybe the fact that it's unremovable is intended. But why this would be beyond a poor design decision is beyond me, so we'll go with bug.


Fixing these two skills should take precedent over balancing sorcs or sages in any other way.

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