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To the Republics on server Iron Citadel


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This post is mine and my view alone and doesnt reflect my guild or others opinion.


I just want say props and kudos for bringing it to us imps on Ilum after the changes. Heck even in WZ`s you guys are giving us a run for our money. This all proves that although reps may be few in numbers, they still fight to win. And thats something I admire. Special thanks goes to Immortal, Blacklisted and certainly our old "friends" from QEW. You guys deserve and have earned my respect. I could mention many more, but thats the ones ive taken most notice off.


So keep it up and dont go hiding in your base when we are all waiting for you in Central :D




Beast, stop suiciding so much. Youre distracting us from the real valor gains!

And Danger, if you want a remacth on our duel, let me know :)

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