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Wish List for SWTOR


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Guess i,ll kick this off. Some of the things id love to see in SWTOR are....


1) Realm vs Realm PVP


2) LFG utility cross realm


3) Alot more emotes


4) Chairs to sit in at a Cantina


5) More social tools


6) Chat Bubbles


7) In game tailor or image designer to change our characters apperances.


8) Outfit to match chest piece system Bioware removed.


9) Crafting at end game to have a profound meaning


Thats all I can think of. What do you guys want?

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With the announcement of Free to Play and the Cartel Market, I think it would be cool to have the Darth Nihilus helmet availible to the Imperials and the helmet of Revan for the Republican players. Anyone else?


Can I get a Mitt Romney mask? :p

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- I would like to see a game dynamic that encourages more casual PvP between the Empire and the Republic. This mechanic would be "open world" (IE not instanced). Ideally, every planet would have a section of the map designed so that Imperial and Republic cities / outposts were conveniently located so that players, who would elected to be flagged (with a warm-up and cool-down timer to prevent abuse), could engage in creative, spontaneous, and community driven events. This would be a great way to give lvl 50 characters something else to do than grind out gear doing basically the same missions over and over again.





- The ability to customize colors and patterns on all gear and equipment.





- Improved interface for trading, selling, and buying. There are a TON of models to go by, so i wont go into details





Implement a system that allows players to transfer to other servers using in-game credits or real life currency.

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What I really want is when you try out gear (for looks), that you can be able to unify colors while trying them out! I buy different chests all the time just too check how it looks on me when I unify it and I always end up not liking it so it is a huge waste of creds :/
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1. Bugs. Don't want.


2. Decrease load times.


3. Guild battleships.


4. Access to fleet general chat from my ship.


5. Stuff to do at 50 besides ops/wzs, such as missions to upgrade/decorate my ship.

A simple recall to your ship that's on a short cooldown would cut down on a lot of load times. Unfortunately, I don't think Bioware cares.

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