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Please merge my server


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So 1 am EST last night (I'm on an East Coast server). Sure, that's a little bit late, but not awful.


9 of us at the PvP quest giver (level 50), solo queued for Warzones. One never pops (I/we are Empire).


8:30 pm EST last night, log in, do a /who 50, and find 66 people. It was 68 the night before, so this is, generally, the level 50 pop on my server. 1/4 of those people are in my guild.


Last Saturday night, around 2 am, I go to Ilum to collect my 30 daily armaments. I'm 0/30 and 30/150 for the weekly. Leave at around 3:30 am 150/150, having not seen a SINGLE SOUL, Rep or Imp, the whole time.


As I mentioned up above, I have a pretty active guild (regularly 12-16 50's on in Prime Time and a bit after). We don't always have the right class balance to run more than 2 Flashpoints, but we have many active level 50's. I ran 2 last night, 2 the night before, etc.


But I have a dead server!


I'm not going to be a PvP nut in this game, but I'd like to be able to do it at times. Please merge my server with 1 or 2 or even 3 other similarily dead servers.


(I will unsubscribe before I reroll, so that's not an option)

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I wouldn't be surprised if the number of 50's on the servers stays pretty low until there is a lot of end game content. Without that content, people are going to be interested in starting new classes to see new story lines. I'm playing a JK now, and I know as soon as I hit 50 and try the new instance a time or two I'm leave. I'm itching to see BH as my next class story line.
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