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What is BW's Opinion of its PVP?


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Is there any official memo or article where BioWare has discussed its goals and reasons for implementing the PVP system it currently uses?


Im talking about reasons behind:


- PVP being gear based, specifically the reason for the way they determined which stats and by how much, even more specifically Expertise.


- Did they anticipate the rush 50s getting BM and farming lowbies? Do they think that broke the system at all as far as balance and competitiveness when they made the brackets and didn't do anything about how much more difficult it is now for new 50s to be competative?


- Did they anticipate the issues that Ilum is going through and how individuals are not PVPing the way BW intended? Do they have some ideas they are trying to implement to fix something's and I'm not just talking about mechanics but also the seemingly unfair advantage people are getting before there is a fix, which seems like they will get to keep.


- What is BW thoughts on why so many people have flocked to generally Sorc/Sages and Merc/Troopers? Do they think that it was a fluke or are they examining the classes themselves?


- What is BW thoughts on what to do about so few in number wanting to go republic? And that there is almost no world pvp as a result and people are just trading kills in Ilum.

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It just seems that because I am not exploiting the game and because I did not rush to 50 skipping content that took a lot of time to create that I have been punished for it and will always have to live with that punishment because there is no correction on the part of BW against the exploiters.


I guess the lesson here is to exploit the game to succeed? I sure hope not but it seems that way to me and if it happens often enough to my disadvantage for following the rules then I am leaving.

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