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Just some things I think would be cool!


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Right so I've been playing since the first day of early access, and the game is great! Excellent stories, as we expect from BioWare; great combat animations (in my opinion); huge worlds. I really have had no reason to complain about anything, apart from maybe having to miss out on some Flahspoints and Heroics because I can't be bothered to LFG and wait for a full group to form, but I suppose that's my fault lol.


However, as with any project like this it's always going to be a work in progress. Therefore, I thought I'd take to the suggestion box and put forward what I think would be cool in future!




Ok, I know. This old chestnut. It's been a big topic for discussion ever since the game was first announced. When the rail-shooter mini-game was revealed I believe I would be right in saying that a lot of people were slightly let down (in particularly ex-SWG players who enjoyed the space content in that), all due respect to BioWare. Personally, I was glad that space combat had been included at all - but I have to admit I was a little disappointed that I would only be able to control my ship on a rail-shooter. That said, I did actually warm to the mini-game after a couple of missions but it gets too...samey.


I really think that a whole load more (yes, even moar than already :eek:) people would pick up a copy of SW:TOR and subscribe if they knew they'd be able to have full control over their own spaceship. As I said, I know space has been discussed a load and my suggestions have probably already been mentioned; but eh, I'll contribute my voice to the crowd.


Firstly, make space a fully player controlled sim. I'm not only talking about for space combat, or missions; I mean allow the player full control of their ship at all times. Free-roam space, I suppose. This would just make the game that much more engaging to play. You have wonderful stories to play through, now I think if there was this full control it would bolster people's immersion. If a player has to pilot their ship out of the space-station and enter hyperspace, and then make an approach at the next space station, I believe it would give the 'wow, I'm actually a Jedi Knight/Republic trooper/smuggler etc. etc.' effect.


I also think that allowing better customisation would help. Perhaps allow players to buy new ships, just like they do speeders?


I suppose it doesn't sound like much there, but I think it would be appreciated. Besides, I'm sure you guys could come up with something else to add onto it - you're the ones with the brains :D.




I am part of a guild, as are most people. One problem we've run into is that some of our members don't feel the need to play as a guild sometimes. Now, we're a fairly small guild (25-30 members) and only a few have capped, so that's part of our problem - levels are spread out, and people don't have anyone to group with; and the end-gamers haven't got enough to form an ops group. (House of Karrdes, btw, we're LF healers on Twin Spears server if you're interested ;)).


All this said, I think that you could implement some sort of system in future, which grants bonuses to the guild and individuals for playing heroics, flashpoints and operations as a guild. I don't know how realistic/possible this is, but you never know if you don't ask lol. I know you have guild banks and capital ships on the way. My interest would be in capital ships. I don't know, however, how those ships will work; if they can manoeuvre round the galaxy, or if they're fixed; if it's going to be possible to PvP space combat with enemy guilds. I'm going to presume (note: I'm also hoping) that they will be able to manoeuvre and engage in PvP space combat. So, guilds could be rewarded with various guild capital ship upgrades which would make them more powerful and versatile in combat.


I'm not sure about rewards for the individual - but again, I'll hand that over to you guys to think on, if any of this is taken into consideration.


Or, perhaps, a guild points system. Just like the current social points can be earned in group conversations, maybe the guild could earn points for completing flashpoints, heroics and ops together. Then using those points to purchase guild upgrades.




Right, I'm done. I'm pretty sure I had other thoughts on other things but writing the above has pushed them clean out my head; I'll be sure to post again if they resurface at any time!


I'll also add that the above are my ideas for what I would personally find fun, cool, and generally enhance my experience in TOR. I'm not asking anyone to agree with me, each to their own.

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