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[Suggestion] Alternate Content. Specificly Player Housing.


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Ok so basically, many of us are clambering for player housing. I know our ship represents this but many would like something more unique.


My idea, Hideouts!


How would this be implemented. Each class would have its own type of hideout. It would be a small thing that we would be able to decorate and use at our will. The idea comes from the emperor prior to the last one having his own meditation sphere while the Sith waged war.


The way you would place these is on your galactic map. You'd be able to pick a point on the map and place your "hide out." No one would be able to go to it unless you let them board your ship and you fly them there, thus keeping the secret. To add to the uniqueness of it, there would be a selection of several "back grounds" to pick from. I.E. you could purchase an asteroid belt, small moon off a gas giant, ruins of a space battle, near a dwarf star. These would be the cut scenes for landing and taking off, and the view from the windows.


Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Sentinel get a meditation sphere


Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight get a version of the meditation sphere thats more focused on conditioning then intellect. (suggestions please for a better location)


Trooper gets a weapon cache


Smuggler gets a spice stash


Bounty Hunter gets a carbon storage bay


Imperial Agent get a spy satellite



Lastly with the creation of these, you would create a new companion skill that would involve creating furnishings. Or, if not a new skill, adding recipes to the existing companion skills. I.E.


Synthweaving to make fabric furniture


Armortech and Mech to make armor and weapons displays, and "defenses" for your hide out.


Cybertech would make security and robotic options.


Artifice would be able to make art and historical type of decorations


Biochem would be able to make pets and floral life for your home.



Suggestions people? Feed back? This is the first idea I've really put a lot of thought in and I'd appreciate feedback.

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