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[Suggestion] /roll function.


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Pardon me if I am repeating something, but the search showed nothing else like this.


The suggestion:


Implement a /roll function, which lets the person roll a number from 1-100 (for example)

Like you have in the quest conversations when in a group.


I have really missed it throughout my playtime. Whenever someone mis-rolls on an item and we'd need a re-roll, we can't have a re-roll. We can't roll about using resorce-nodes like slicing chests either.


It also affects the roleplayers massively by disabling an entire fighting-style called roll-emote, which gives another way of solving a fight next to duels and the freeform-emote style. The fighting styles are styles that have developed throughout all of the roleplay communities in mmorpg's, and has been carried over to new games with the roleplayers themselves, taught to new people and so on.

It also prevents roleplayers from playing a game of cards or various other small games that could be pulled into a RP scenario with the /roll being the dice.


In general, it's very restrictive not to have a /roll function. Would very much like to see one added, thank you.

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