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Few Assault Questions if someone could please help me out?


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Was doing gunnery and wanted to try assault, loving it so far in pvp but I was wondering.. I know stacking alacrity on Gunnery is a bad idea because of the synergy with recharging ammo every few seconds on crits would be offset.


What about assault? Is it worthwhile to stack alacrity to try to lower the GCD (getting hammer shots off quicker) among lowering cast times on full auto and heals? If stacking Alacrity is worth it, should I take both weapon calibrations and First Responder?


Choosing between Degauss(snare break on shield) or Rapid Recharge to get to 5th tier perks, which is more beneficial in pvp in your opinions? I like Nightvision to pop stealthers easier as they give me the most trouble so i took that.


Also, between Adrenaline Fueled and Reflexive shield I wasnt sure which to choose.


I think those are the only questions I really have.


This is the spec I was looking at going to, with the skills I have questions about interchangable.




Thanks in advance,

Captain Starwind Leyline

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Alacrity is alright for assault. You don't want to have it on your armour though because you're losing DPS stats for it. http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#800bcMZ0cZfhrrzhGMs.1 is a better spec for what you want to do.


You don't need night vision, it doesn't help as much as parallactic combat stims does. Even if you're hammershotting a bunch, you can always find a use for free ammo (heals, plasma nade, sticky, etc.)

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id be losing accuracy for alacrity, not a good trade off maybe?


Possibly. everyone has 5% defense and tanks go up to 30-40 somewhere in that range defense. More accuracy is always a good thing since it's a flat % increase to your damage until you cap it, but for PvP... ehh you could get away with it, especially if you avoid the 5% first responder and get the less pushback on your heals then you serve as an off-healer with the extra alacrity.


Without a combat log to parse things, I can't know how big of an impact it'll have but it shouldn't be that bad of a trade (maybe even out since you hammershot more over the entire game). So long as you take advantage of healing, I'd say the alacrity is fine though I'm more of a fan of just +crit and +power for healing.

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