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Healing Reduction passives are needed


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Warzones just aren't fun when i end up going against a team full of self healing sorcs/commandos. At least in other games dps classes have a way to kill healers using healing reduction debuffs, but here u need interruption skills or stuns and that is not enough.


On top of that, there are TOO MANY sorcs/sage classes. I just got out of a Alderaan pvp warzone match and 3 sorcs were able to keep one turret from 7 of us, just non stop healing for a good 5 minutes, we couldn't do a damn thing. Sure we could have focused on one sorc at a time but that only works on premades.


Give dps classes a Healing reduction passive that activates on crits so we can at least stop sorcs from tanking whole groups.

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