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"Friendly Fire" in space missions to increase difficulty and realism


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Dear Bioware,

Enjoying the game immensely but I had a request I sincerely hope you consider. Some instanced missions allow you to select a "normal" or "harder" version. I'd like to see the same thing in the space missions, and this would be in the form of "friendly fire". It really hurts the immersion when I can unload a minutes worth of blasters into the ship I"m protecting and they're just fine. Now for my Mom, I wouldn't want her to have to worry about friendly fire and damaging her own sides ships (and capital ship turrets)... but I'd lover it for myself as the missions have gotten very boring (despite the fact they look beautiful).


Another way to add some spice would be to toss random variables into an "harder" space mission variant like 50% chance of new ships coming from a different angle, or a larger group that tails you.


In fact, I wouldn't even mind if there wasn't an added reward of exp or money. Just having that option would be a reward in itself.


Thank you.

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