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@bioware - While you are nerfing concealment how about you fix lethality


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Lethality is such a poorly designed tree, as an operative it is a ranged tree clearly, most of the abilities are 10 meters, however the core ability, cull requires a tactical advantage, but you cant build one at all unless you use shiv or hidden strike.


Look at the op forums, why are many of the lethality specs suggesting we get kolto injection just so we can have a ranged method of building a tactical advantage.


Here is a suggestion, add this to license to kill - 25/50% chance to re add a tactical advantage per poison effect active on the target. So everytime you use cull we have achance to requiring the tactical advantage back.


Also add this to lethal dose - 10/20/30% chance to add a tactical advantage each time one of our periodic effects tic.




Add this to cut down - Overload shot has a 50/100% chance to add a tactical advantage.


This whole spec is tactical advantage starved and this needs to be adjusted. Also for a dot tree, why does it only have 2 dots, and one of the best dots, acid blade is in the concealment tree?

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Fix, to me, means minor modifications. That whole tree needs redone, with some actual thought this time. The healing tree needs to have abilities that set it apart from other, much better, healing trees within other classes.


It's just not going to happen. Just reroll if you plan to do any PvE content otherwise you'll just do subpar DPS at the expense of your operations team.

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