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Proposal: Forum PVP Medals


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I propose a new class of medals: Forum PVP* Accomplishments:

(PVP = Poster-versus-Poster)


1) Most entertaining troll medal

This would work exactly like the MVP award, by voting.


2) The Spongebob Medal level 1:

Awarded for writing 5x or more Nerf threads in a day


3) The "intimidation" Medal level 1:

Awarded for the first "rage unsubbing"post.


4) The qq medal

Awarded for 20x posts complaining about the same minor flaw or misunderstood aspect of the game


5) The "Meta-Godwin's Law" medal

Awarded for 5x comparisons of SWTOR to warcraft, blizzard, or WOW.


Other suggestions welcome.



Let's get real here: more folks seem to enjoy PVP in the PVP forums than in the actual game.

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