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Best rakata adrenal for healing merc


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Healers would use the triage adrenal to boost power. It would seem at first glance that tech power is the same as regular power but look at the tool tips. Triage reduces damage done by 20% while the power adrenal reduces healing done buy 20%. One is for DPS and the other is for healing.


For faster bursts with healing the alacrity adrenal would be the choice but watch ammo. Without the cooldowns for adding ammo ready you could pull your tank from the grips of defeat and left without anything but hammershot. Put both on your bar and choose wisely. For me, bigger heals are more important in long boss battles while quick action like PVE may need quick heals at times.


One real example where alacrity would help in PVE. Your going down at the hands if a few attackers and need to get some quick heals out to the player protecting the node or carrying the ball before you are defeated. This might allow you to get an extra heal off and ammo depleting when your about to go down isn't an issue.


Crit and surge adrenals work in chance. Surge would be most helpful with an AOE heal or HOT since there would be a greater chance crit would occur but my preference is the two above.


Everyone has a opinion in this. BTW. I heal with a commando. I have healed with a sage also. Force management is different between the two. Sage force always regens at the same rate regardless of amount a available. The mechanics are different in that manner.

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