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Matrix Cube Assembler


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First I would like to apologize if this is listed already. I did go through half of this suggestion box before deciding to post and did not find it. So hopefully this is new.


My biggest problem with it as is, there is no lvl 15 cube with cunning. Also, some of the combinations require you to have shards that you will not have at that lvl. ex. All the lvl 15 cubes that require the green shard which you likely won't get till almost lvl 20.


I do however offer a very easy fix that will add more depth to this. As it currently stands, the order of the shards does not affect the outcome..I have spent over 80k credits to verify this 100%. In order to improve this, make the order count.


For lvl 15, there are currently 4 cubes you can make. None with cunning but 2 with strength. I would suggest for lvl 15 cubes, they only come from the red,blue and yellow shard you could have at lvl 15. Making order matter and not allowing anything you can't do with just 1 of each color..this would give 6 possible rewards. 1 for each stat and two that can give more endurance for the main tank classes being str and aim.


Then for the lvl 24 cubes you add the green shard. Removing those combinations used for lvl 15, this will give you 18 combinations which would allow alot more diversity in stats.


For the lvl 32 you could allow for doubles that use blue and yellow doubled. I have not figured the number of combinations this would give..but it is alot.


Then for lvl 50 you would have the doubles for red and green as well as the triples. The triples should give higher stats than the doubles as they are harder to obtain. Having the triples give a high main stat and endurance plus some secondary stats so the triples are good for whichever advanced class you chose.


This would require a little more programming than it has currently..but not a huge investment but will make things more lvl appropriate and make it more flexible.


Thankyou for your time and thoughtfulness.

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