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Tips and Ideas for Bioware


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Thank you Bioware for a good game. YES I do believe it has problems that need fixing as soon as possible but Ive been playing MMOs long enough to be patient. I wish Bioware the best of luck and atleast for now I am staying with TOR.


To all those who decided this game wasnt for them I wish you the best of luck and hope you find a game that you truly enjoy!.


Also would like to add things I find need fixing as soon as possible


1. End Game PvP: Ilium has the foundation of an awesome RvR zone but there needs to be more added and the current content needs twinking.

2. Neutral Gear: I find this is highly important for players to feel that neutral is a viable alignment to go.

3. Class story going beyond level 50: be really fun if my story didnt just end once I hit 50 but rather kept going.

4. More Customization at end game: Its amazing how we can make our character look like anything we want from 1 - 49 but once we hit 50 we have to all wear the game gear and I find this needs to change asap. Its not fun looking like just another drone!

5. Combat Delay: I hear they are working on it though so thats great news!.

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I think pod racing would be really fun. But do it right: the racers would have to be really, really, really fast and if you make a wrong turn it blows up and throws you through the air. Doesn't kill you, just tosses you.


Yeah exactly. Also be cool if you could customize your own pod racer kinda like you ship.

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