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Hard Modes - Defense vs Shield


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Which do you find to be working for you in hard modes? I've been stacking defense (30%+ in combat) but I'm having a hard time with hard mode tanking. Do you find that stacking shield/absorb is working better?



I'm currently sitting at 26.30% defence (NOT counting Riposte, which makes it 31.30% in fight), 40.22% Shield and 27% Absorption. I am well aware that a more even ratio between shield and absorption would be more beneficial, but I am still missing several gear pieces and mods that would make it more ideal.


Overall I don't have any problems whatsoever. I guess being a Biochemist for the Rakata Medpack, Adrenals and Stims help a whole lot (it feels that way at least), but I guess they're not what makes or breaks it.

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