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Reduce Ilum Daily Requirement to 5 Kills


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As it stands, this daily will take more players over 3 hours to complete. THAT IS NOT A DAILY! Completely ignoring the fact that Ilum is not fun and the only reason to go there is to get your bags and get out as fast as you can, in it's current state you can't even do that given the overburdening requirement of this daily.
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Remove dailies and quests from PvP completly and add some stuff which is worth to conquer (DAOC relics).

Stupid WoW system where ppl are forced to play PvP just to finish a quest.

If PvP is of no interest, then it should sacrifice itself for PvE matters.


Also kick out loot for points/tokens. If ppl want to equip, go and do some fps / group quests.

At least this game would be better of it getting items weren't that easy.


From 1-50 you can upgrade orange stuff or pvp and ignore fps / group content completly.

Worst decision ever made.

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