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Stimulate Open World PvP


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I got an idea a simple one and probably already present on forums but anyway heres the deal.

There are many planets out there i think there would be no better thing for any pvper than being able to pvp on every planet there is with gainig reward from that, simple idea mercenary commendations for kills or capture .Basicaly make a pvp zone on every planet with objectives tha are fun and original and Open world pvp will be saved just a constant battle.

Also I think being able to access the opposing factions planets would really improve the pvp expirience maybe not even whole planets but some sections of them . On the whole all im trying to say is this -its not hard to design an open world pvp zone on every planet with objectives and rewards that would encourage people to participate and also u should add a feature in which republic groups could communicate with empire to arrange open world pvp a simple interface with zone and time basicly like a chalenge thrown at any of the two factions .

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