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List of Reasonable Feature Requests


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I sadly did my unsub a while back because I needed to take a break from playing so much, which means I can't put all of this in the exit survey. Here's a list of changes I'd like to see made that would convince me to resubscribe. I'm ignoring class balance because, frankly, that will just open this thread open to trolls.



Give every 50 an easy means to teleport instantly to Ilum. Open-world needs to be extremely accessible, and this is the first way to do it. Right now it just takes too long (fleet-->ship-->ilum orbital station-->ilum-->ilum speeder).


Completely scrap the current Ilum map. It's simply too large as it is currently. There need to be some sort of fortifications throughout the map instead of flat terrain. Implement more capture conditions instead of 'right click on the walker'. Change it into a grass planet. Seriously, there was a reason everyone RvRed in Hibernia/Albion instead of Midgard in DAoC, and it's because Midgard was a drab, boring frost zone.


Allow a player choose where they respawn as long as they currently control the objective nearest to it.



Allow class defenses such as dodge/shields to, you know, actually work equally in PvP. It's ridiculous that such a core game mechanic is basically ignored vs some classes but implemented vs others (poor snipers/melee). If you are worried about randomness of dodging, then apply it to the damage effect only, so the status effect of the skill (if any) will always occur.


Cause all movement controlling skills (snares/roots) to add resolve.


Cause resolve to trigger a diminished effect instead of the on/off system currently implemented. I'm sure on/off was easier to implement, but reduced effectiveness is just better, in my opinion.


Add more railings along the sides of Huttball, or more ways up onto the ramps. This map causes a lot of balance issues because pushes/pulls suddenly become much more effective than they are on any other map.


Cause all bags of a type to give that tier (not the chance of Champion, chance of centurion). Change bags so everything is purchasable with the same currency, in order to eliminate the 'I opened 6 bags and got 3 leggings' problems.


Faction Imbalance

The current system basically discourages you from creating an alt on the underpopulated side. That doesn't make sense.

Implement account storage across factions as an unlockable feature of the legacy system.


Give some sort of scaled bonus (valor? money?) to underpopulated sides in order to promote switching.



Allow you to abandon main-planet quests. I'm not totally sure how to implement this, to be honest, but it's annoying for people to be forced to do quests to get them out of their log. Maybe allow them to re-acquire the quests via a Holoviewer on their ship (which basically replays their last quest cinematic that gave the quest)


Remove dark and light side restrictions on all items. This allows players to actually make decisions instead of just farming points for whichever one they need for their chosen alignment.


To be honest, I thought the PvE was pretty fantastic, so not a lot to gripe about here.



Credentials to prove I'm not an idiot

I'm a professional gamer, programmer and assisted in the development of Guild Wars. I have a lvl 50 valor 55 operative and a lvl 33 valor 21 jedi knight. I actually want SWTOR to succeed, because I love games and think successful ones are good for the industry.


Thanks for reading.

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